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Director User Experience and Design

I am the author of a whole new website that has more than 300.000 visits per year worldwide, and I created a new contemporary, smart and sophisticated corporate web for the company. Among my most important achievements is to increase the pipeline of potential customers +172% during this year, thanks to the online strategy that I have developed in the company.

I am user-centered thinking Manager where the goals of the user and the business are brought together to form thoughtful solutions, focusing my work to achieve the optimization of the Conversion Rates (CRO), SEO,SEM, copywriting, and data analysis to construct well-informed and effective designs.

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Experienced and result-driven Digital Marketing Director

I have Ability to come up with solutions that balance user needs and business outcomes and I am confortable in conducting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative research , including usability testing, stakeholder interviewing, and behavioral / conversion analysis.


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I work in contact with world-leading architecture studios, including Fosters & Partners, Gehry Partners, Renzo Piano, and Filipe Oliveira Dias. The brand I work for is present in buildings such as the White House in Washington D.C., the United Nations Building in New York, The Tv Academy in Los Angeles and The Philharmonie de Paris.

The best recognition of my work has been the National Design Award, which is an internationally recognized honorary prize for companies in the use of design for innovation..

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